We Are: The Guard Weekly Chart

Let’s get real for a sec here. I don’t know about you but I hate waiting especially if I’m hungry. Mmmm honey you do not want to see me or be around me on an empty stomach. Once the mean sweats kick in and my face starts trembling it’s run or be eaten. Similar can be said when I’m starving for music. And here’s what I don’t get, with so much music floating around it makes no sense that I or you should go without knowing about or hearing the latest songs. After all some of you pay for premium streaming services right?! Speaking of streaming services, you can enter for a chance to win a premium Spotify subscription for a year, here are the deets. You’ll have to click on the blue highlighted words because that’s a subject of its own and I’ve gots music to deliver.

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So anyways, enough of my yapping. I’m sure y’all have a billion things to do, how about we get to the charts and listen to this week’s top curated songs selected by the music experts of We Are: The Guard (believe it or not, we manually listen to EVERY song out there).



Oh happy days from here until next week when we are back again with another post that promotes the artists whose songs rise above the crap.

A special thanks to Band of Horses, Drake, Tom Misch, Low Cut High Tops, Lil Xan, Charli XCX, and the rest of the top 10. I leave you all to enjoy and share with everyone your new Spotify playlist. See you all next week.


Beca Arredondo is easily unamused with all things not related to her interests. On her good days you can catch her avoiding the California sun and glued to her Mac plotting the next big thing. If you happen to run into her on the street and notice her wearing headphones do NOT disturb her. She is not responsible for any possible damage. Aside from the above she's very sweet and perky and responds well to good music and food.