WTF - What Does The Fox Say? Ylvis


While Lady Gaga has been busy decoupaging her face with leftover scraps from Richard Simmons’ fancy outfits, two men from Norway that go by the group name of YLVIS have aired a video that is being declared the Best Song of the Year. Their video,‘The Fox’ has given much need attention to one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

‘The Fox’ starts off with a quick friendly recap of common animal sounds, but quickly takes a dark turn into a serious matter. If you’ve been tossing and turning late at night scratching your head wondering “WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?” This video is for you.


Ylvis - The Fox [Official music video HD]

I know, I know ... we didn’t really get an answer to the burning question. Sources tell us, it may take years to know what our furry red hair forest angel truly sounds like because ever since shooting of the video finished a number of foxes have been taking cover and hiding in fear of paparazzi.

Guess we’ll never know what does the fox say. eeeeeeooooiiiiahhh.