MGMT Fans Attack: Our Favorite Comments!


Last week, BitCandy's got server got overrun (attacked?) by MGMT fans, after the band retweeted Drudzins' far from complimentary album review. Turns out, MGMT fans suck. Like, really suck. They hate us. And we love it. Seriously, they're just as bad as, if not worse than, those psychotic Directioners. Probably because they are the same age (between 13 and 16 years old) and have equally as bad taste (they like MGMT after all). Nice to see real music fans abandoned you a long time ago, MGMT. Moving along.  

To celebrate, we've decided to compile our favorite comments left by MGMT fans in a fit of passionate rage on Drudzins' tour de force. And by “favorite,” we mean the most hateful, illiterate and plain ignorant. No really, you've got to see this shit, it's hilarious.


“Worst review” you've ever read, eh? Nailed it:

worst review I've ever read. Sounds like you have more of a personal vengeance against them than an actual validated opinion about the album. - thisblogsucks

you can't be serious. so because you don't like it, your brain isn't complex enough to understand that people have various tastes in music and others may like the album? talk about a self absorbed asshole. - Abigail

Lol is this an actual review ?? You never truly loved MGMT if you only loved kids so why don't you listen to some other shit, apparently you just can't enjoy beautiful music. - <3 MGMT

Thank you for contributing to this “obscure” music blog's 5000 hits a day:

have fun rotting in obscurity music blog that no one knows or gives a shit about!!! That new Naked and Famous album is totally sick tho right?????? - Matt Schwartz

And then dedicate an entire post to said “negative comments.” You're welcome:

My favorite part about this shitty site is that the reviewer will actually reply to the negative comments, hahahahahahaha lame as fuck. - fucku


Oh, and while you're here, should we throw in some of our favorite Twitter reactions for shits and giggles? Okay then, here you go:


In conclusion, this is all that we've got left to say to MGMT fans:

look at all the fs i give