Will I Am - Please Stop Making Music


That message is In regards to you Will, for one of your worst and Latest Music Tracks "T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)"

That goes for you too, Jennifer Lopez. (and did you really have to drag Mick Jagger into this epic fail)?!  

C'mon.  You are both 40 years old.  And still singing about "the club."  Really?

Yes, it's true.  You'll find in the new travesty of pop, "T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)" Such crafty lyrics like "You can go High or You Can go Home."  Great message for the kiddies.  Oh but I'm sure the "high" part is about spirituality right?  

C'mon.  Will...look...put the DeLorean away in the garage and lock it up.  (I know you drive one cuz we have the same mechanic).

And C'mon.  Jlo... _________________ (insert ferociously past due date comment here).  (idea for self improvement: let some "common people" actually look at you in the eye back stage at Amercian Idol...the stage hands will respect you more)

And really?  Mick Jagger.  No no no no no no No!!!!   I can't believe you moved to the dark side.  Is this really an alternate reality where Mick Jagger is really Lil Jon?  

WTF WTF WTF?  Yes, Mick Jagger has got a "Lil Jon" type feature in this new travesty of a "song," 

Is Mick Jagger the new Lil Jon?

Will we see more Mick Jagger features in the future?

Nicki Minaj feat. Mick Jagger?

Rihanna feat. Mick Jagger?

Rick Ross feat. Mick Jagger?

Please give us your thoughts below!

Where does it end?  Shit.  Well, we all know it will end soon for Mick in 5-10 years one way or another...but Mick...this is how you iz going to go out?

Another thing...Will...enough with the anagram song titles.  It's just bad. 

And we're not even talking about your haircut which is horrendous.  If you want to be a robot just buy a Daft Punk or Stormtroopers outfit.  Maybe Tron can zap you into the grid.  (this would be an improvement for us).  

Which brings me to this poll...Which is worse ... 

a) Mick Jagger doing Lil Jon on this song

b) Will I Am's Haircut

We'll take your answers here.

Think of your best Will I Am / JLo Saturday Night Live skit you can conjure and then listen to this song. 

Will I Am feat Jlo (Jennifer Lopez or whatever you call yourself these days) and Mick Jagger "T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)"

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