Maroon 5 Destroy Prince's "Kiss"


Unfortunately, this is not a joke...

Maroon 5 really have destroyed (and not in the “good” way) Prince's “Kiss.”

As you may know, BitCandy are full-time Prince fanboys. So this comes in at the #1 spot on our list of “Crimes Against Music” (closely followed by Asleep at the Wheel's cover of Huey Lewis and The News' "I Wanna New Drug”).

Adam Levine and co “covered” the track for their new album, Overexposed (which we pooped all over, here).

Really, could this be anymore fucking CRINGETASTIC?


Prince does NOT APPROVE!

Prince does not approve

All we need to finish off this abomination is an official video featuring an obligatory topless Adam Levine. Seriously, can someone take this guy fucking shirt shopping?


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