WTF: Billy Corgan Furniture Commercial?!


Just when we thought Billy Corgan couldn't get any more bizarre, The Smashing Pumpkins front man-turned-wrestling promoter has hustled a bunch of his beefcakes together to advertise...chairs.  Yes.  Wood chairs and furniture.   Is this for real? 

Corgan - whose previous WTF? accomplishments include opening a teahouse and dating Tila Tequila - says a mutual love for wrestling, combined with a sizeable charitable donation, convinced him to star in the commercial for the Chicago furniture mogul, Walter E. Smithe.

Watch as music and wrestling (and home furnishings) come together in a way not seen since the days of NRBQ and Captain Lou Albano, below:

Dear internet, we swear to God, Billy Corgan wasn't always this embarrassing: