Dollar Beard Club

We live in a truly great time. Once upon a time to buy razors to shave your face (which was pretty essential to get a job) you had to go to the grocery or drug store and pay exorbitant prices for weak-ass blades. But now, 2015, because of the Internet you can just hop online and get all that stuff cheap as hell. Dollar Shave Club - the razor subscription service that gives you cheap razors until you die.




NOPE. 'Cause we’re men.
With full grown beards.
And shaving them would be an affront to everything that makes us manly.

We're talking 'bout the Dollar BEARD Club.

So instead of razors we’re gonna go ahead and need some beard oils and beard waxes and beard balms and beard shampoos and beard brushes. Holy shit. Everything you’d ever need. You know, to keep your beard fresh and your women burying themselves deep in your neck. The Dollar Beard Club showed up at just the right time, taking the *ideas* behind the Dollar Shave Club and kicking them up a hair or two. Oh the Internet, I love you.

Even though this actually does make sense as business, it’s the fact that they are a parody of an already existing business that warms our cold, dead, bearded hearts.

Let’s check out their business plan that we downloaded off their website.

1. Look at Business Ideas.
2. Come up with Parody of Business Idea
3. Profit.

Props to the balls (or beards?) on these dudes. Gotta love their moxie.

Sign up now at Dollar Beard Club and/or gift me a subscription at Thanks!


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