WTF: HP Scanjet Covers Gotye???


Gotye's “Somebody That I Used To Know” has been covered by a shit load of artists, from Karmin, to Glee, to Walk off the Earth (one of the Most Funny Videos we have ever seen), to hundreds of humble YouTubers. I mean, Gotye himself even compiled a video of all the cover versions, there are SO damn many of them!

But ALL of these covers pale in comparison to today's WTF, during which you will witness a HP Scanjet 3C scanner - yes a HP Scanjet 3C fucking scanner - sing Gotye. And on accompaniment? An Amiga 600, two hard drives and a PIC16F84A-microcontrolled xylophone.

Thank you to Toronto YouTube user and total NERD, bd594, for this viral phenomenon. We shudder to think how long it must have taken to program!

Stay tuned to BitCandy for the Most Funny Videos on the net (seriously, we were on to “Gangnam Style” months before the rest of the blogosphere!).


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