WTF: Insane Clown Posse Suing FBI



OK look...I run an indie / electro / alternative pop blog here.  So it's not every day I'm writing about the muthafuckin Insane Clown Posse, yo!  In fact...we've NEVER written about them.  I mean "why?"  We're more into a "KISS" type of thing when it comes to masks...or our favorite anarchist, V (from V for Vendetta).  "Remember Remember the 12th of November" (hey that date is coming up again).  



Anyway...guess who is on the FBI's most wanted Gangsta List.  The Crypts, The Bloods...and oh yeah...mega fans of Insane Clown Posse.   


Check this video out ... it's important to see this because (regardless of the allegations) it means that MAYBE you're favorite hardcore artist could be next.  




Yeah so get this.  The FBI has named the Isane Clown Posse's hard core fans aka "The Juggalos" as one of the Top 10 gangs on the FBI Gang Assessment list.  They're being called "a loosely-organized hybrid gang ... rapidly expanding into many US communities."   Interesting piece here compliments BusinessInsider.   


Sure there's a few bad eggs out there in EVERY segment or any niche.  I'm sure even fuckin Barry Manilow's fans had a boat load of convicted felons (especially arrested for taste in music...just kidding we luvs u Barry).  


I don't listen to Insane Clown Posse.  I don't know what they stand for.  And if it's anything bad (except for almost killingTila Tequila) I am against it.  





But WTF is this coming to?  I mean if you watch that 1st video ... if you show up for ... let's say your parole officer and you have the "wrong type of tattoo supporting your music artist" or wearing the wrong type of could go to jail?   


Well turns out the ICP now is suing the FBI.


I've said it before but I've heard a conspiracy theory that the new world order is squashing intelligent music, especially rock music because it's one of the last outlets of...well being rock stars and doing what you want and anti authority.   What do you hear mostly on the radio now?  The most inane dumb crap ever created.   Any important messages going on there?  Nope just stuff to make you more dumb. 


Anyway...this goes in our WTF column cuz it is truly fucked up!  


But if you are a gangsta and decided to wear clown make up for your gansta style...well then you probably should be going to jail anyway.


But I do give them credit for creating a rabid fanbase.


What do you know?  


Is there truth to the rumor?  


Does ICP's music suck ass?  


Do you wear clown make up too and touch your nipples? 


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