WTF: Ke$ha is AWESOME?


$omething TERRIBLE is happening, readers...we are actually starting to like the walking, talking trash bomb that is Ke$ha.  So...we admit...Warrior is an absolute cock-pop FLOP (unless you are dosed the fuck up on beer/vodka/some other sinister substance, that is...).

But then...oh glorious then...we watched this promo for the new album...

...and suddenly...everything...changed. And now we're all...

...we think we actually loved Ke$h this whole, entire time?

Here are six AWESOME things that we learnt about Ke$ha today:

  • She is 15-years-old
  • Her mom was an alien
  • Her dad was Alice Cooper
  • She was Liberace in a past life
  • She talks Dinosaur...yes...Dinosaur
  • She really, really, REALLY loves black eyeshadow

So...there you have it, readers. BitCandy are OFFICIALLY born-again Ke$ha fans FOR THIS PROMO VIDEO ONLY! Does that blow our indie cred? Well, in the words of Queen Ke$ha...

Suck It


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