Snoop Dogg, or should I say Snoop Lion, has reworked his classic, Drop It Like It's Hot, for Hot Pockets. Oh yes, you read that shiotz right! Check the cringey video! this Lady Gaga or Lady GAG? Not to be out done by Justin Bieber by any means, Lady Gaga has now tied the puke score between Justin and herself as "even." For
During today's WTF, you will witness an HP Scanjet 3C scanner sing Gotye. And on accompaniment? An Amiga 600, two hard drives and a PIC16F84A-microcontrolled xylophone.
Watch as Michael Jackson gets SERIOUSLY PISSED at the Guns 'n' Roses star, Slash, stealing his limelight during the 1995 MTV VMAs in this HILARIOUS video below!
The votes are in!!! The BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR...maybe of the millenium is Justin Bieber Blows Chunks on Stage!!!! Check out the once in a lifetime life affirming video
Switch up (the awesome) LeVar Burton with DMX as host (ya know, to be downz with da kidz) and what do you get? A VERY ghetto Reading Rainbow! Check out this mashup!
Billie Joe from Green Day freaked out at the I Heart Radio Music Festival, smashed his guitar and gave everyone the finger. That's how punk rockers do it. Watch here!
Watch Cat Power direct a horrible new zombie video to her moderately good song Cherokee...and witness a laser gun that shoots...triangles?? WTF.
Will.I.Am's song "Reach for the Stars" will be broadcast on Mars, qualifying it officially for space junk. Hear the song that hurts alien's ears right now!
Was it only a matter of time before the FBI put Insane Clown Posse on their Top 10 Gangs list? Read the drama that's happening here as ICP explain to their fans.
The classic boombox scene in the John Cusack film Say Anything with the Nyan Cat Remix. Check it out here as well as the original Nyan Cat amazing video!
We <3 retro wrestling! Watch the following videos and then answer me this one question: where oh where is this kind of drama in our indie music?!
Celebrate the end of the summer by taking a look back at some of our favorite rock stars who have returned to invade the classroom!