Will.I.Am's song "Reach for the Stars" will be broadcast on Mars, qualifying it officially for space junk. Hear the song that hurts alien's ears right now!
Was it only a matter of time before the FBI put Insane Clown Posse on their Top 10 Gangs list? Read the drama that's happening here as ICP explain to their fans.
The classic boombox scene in the John Cusack film Say Anything with the Nyan Cat Remix. Check it out here as well as the original Nyan Cat amazing video!
We <3 retro wrestling! Watch the following videos and then answer me this one question: where oh where is this kind of drama in our indie music?!
Celebrate the end of the summer by taking a look back at some of our favorite rock stars who have returned to invade the classroom!
This comes in at the #1 spot on our list of "Crimes Against Music." Maroon 5 really have destroyed (and not in the 'good' way) Prince's "Kiss."
EDM did a Fonz this weekend at Pop Music Festival in Brazil, when heiress, socialite and full time ballbag, Paris Hilton, played the most humiliating DJ set in history.
Watch as the following animation by Man vs Magnet yields rock and roll DESTRUCTION by bringing endless legendary album covers to life!
In April, YouTube user, QuintonSung, humored the internet with his 8-bit makeover of Radiohead's Kid A. The genius returns, having given OK Computer a similar treatment.
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... thug life lived on. Watch as R2-D2 brings Obi Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and C-3PO an important hologram direct from the afterlife of Tupac
We can finally get excited over Google's totes amazeballs Project Glass. Not to be outdone, Microsoft has just released their own clunky version. Check out the parody here!