WTF: Bon Iver Workout Video


Look, we know you love us for our dry, witty banter and all (stop, we're blushing), but, guys, enough of the gags -- it's time to get serious.

Today, BitCandy feel the need to bring up an issue extremely close to our hearts, an issue this nation is currently battling on the quiet. And that is sciatica. This sweeping pandemic is currently threatening to finish forlorn indie-acoustic songwriters across the country.

Thanks to Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, who has been brave enough to release a new work out video which details his battle against sciatica, we too, have decided to speak out. There is no need to suffer in silence. There are men out there, men at your local YMCA, men like Jeff Rogers that want to HELP.

Seek it, guys, and without shame -- and in turn help us all to take one step towards a sciatica-free world.

On the road DVD Trailer from Rogcity Fitness on Vimeo.


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