WTF: Kramer Discovers Dubstep


YouTube is already jam-packed full of videos of super-cute Grandmas and Grandpas reacting to that musical phenomena so popular with all the darn teenagers at the moment: dubstep. Still, they're so 21st century. Turns out Seinfield's Cosmo Kramer discovered Skrillex long before our G-rents... just check out this hilarious video of a 90s Kramer being plunged into the unfolding world of Skrillex's "Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites," below (oh, and don't deny it, we bet you reacted to dubstep in a similar manner, ha ha!).

Definitely one of the Most Funny Videos BitCandy has seen in some time!

Kramer Discovers Dubstep - Watch More Funny Videos


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