WTF: Nyan Cat Will Freak Ur Brain! PopTarts | Rainbow | Outer Space


Holy shit, this is what the Internet was made for.  Yeah, you all thought Al Gore made the Internet just so we could watch "cute and cuddly" kittys doing "cute and cuddly" things...true...but then, you never saw "Nyan Cat."

And what just IS "Nyan Cat" you ask?  Oh only the most infectious 10 seconds of music created this year (looped into 4 minutes).  And did I forget to metion...there's a GIF of a cat encased in a poptart with rainbows shooting out it's butt?!'s it is in all it's glory (with 40,000,000 YouTube views)

Now, don't start jumping to conclusions...Nyan Cat isn't all cute and cuddly.  The hacker group LuzSec's favorite calling card is leaving this's a little present they left for PBS on their last hack.  

For myself...I'm using this to replace my "Rick Roll" default of "Never Gonna Give You Up."

Speaking of which, we just got tipped to 6 MGMT demoes that they've been working on for their 2012 release.  Check it out here.