WTF: Titus Andronicus & Lana Del Rey


We've always poked fun at Titus Andronicus here at BitCandy (I mean, come on guys,  when did you last take "The Airing of Grievances" for a spin? Probably that day it was awarded "8.9382" on Pitchfork and, um, not a whole lot since?). Well, bad news  - everyone's favorite forgettable indie band have just bombed again!

TA front man, Patrick Stickles, has just uploaded a cover of Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" to YouTube (I know, unique song choice, right?). The cover followed on from a 140-character confessional via Twitter, where he lamented to followers that he had "BEEN THE MAN IN THAT SONG" before adding: "Why was I so emotionally unavailable? Because I was scared, and couldn't receive love b/c I didn't love myself. Self-hate makes love a lie." Okay, TMI Patrick. I mean, we were cringing already, but then we actually HEARD the cover, and things got a whole lot more awkward...

Seriously, BitCandy spent ages trying to work out whether this was one big joke - but it genuinely appears Stickles is serious. WTF?!?!?!?!??????????


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