Active Child Should Have Activa Type Success aka "This Album Does Not Make You Want To Take A Dump"


Active Child is really Jaime Lee Curtis in disguise.  Just kidding!  But totally opposite of Activa Yogurt Cultures promise to be "regular" (whom JL Curtis is spokesperson for)...listening to Active Child does not want you to take a dump.  And that's a good thing. 

Instead, this is an album best heard until the night time comes...yes Active Child "pairs" best under the mysterious cover of dark, somewhere between 12am-3am this is (at least for me) where the album really becomes a life on it's own.  A couple drinks (or whatever) doesn't hurt either.  

A lot of (and I really mean A LOT) of hype surrounded Active Child's 1st album EP Release "Curtis Lane" on XL Recordings.  I'm not sure the final recording advance he got but let's just was fucking crazy.  And all of 3,000 EPs later....I guess...let's just say XL and Active Child parted ways.  

No matter, the music is what counts and Active Child delivers a gorgeous, lush, lo-fi, chill wave meets euphoric landscape of great crafted and intimate songs and productions.

The new album "You Are All I See" is set for release on August 5th via Vanguard Records (kinda a strange fit from Vagrant's emo punk start, but whatever).

Unfortunately, Active Child will never see Jamie Lee Curtis Activa money.  And for sure, it's not about the money but Active Child deserves better recognition than 3,000 albums.  Great artists like Active Child should get more exposure...the least we can do is help to spread the word and you never know.  

Make sure to experience this album under the right conditions.  Los Angeles traffic at 9am is not the right fit.  Stick to the late night a.m. areas with your favorite wine is a very nice pairing. 

Active Child "You Are All I See" due August 23rd on Vagrant Records.

Key songs: 

"Shield & Sword" 

"Playing House (ft. HTDW)"

"Ancient Eye" 

"Johnny Belinda"