Air Trips Out on the Moon


Ready for some down tempo jams with a cosmic feel? Good, because the french duo Air are back at it again with Le Voyage Dans La Lune, or "A Trip to the Moon" for you less cultured fools out there. Paying homage to the old silent film, yes, the one with the moon made of cheese, Le Voyage can be purchased with the restored 1902 film included.

While the album is only about thirty minutes, it has a great progression of styles and moods. It opens with Astronomic Club  which, in typical Air fashion, blends classical instruments with technological innovation, just as Méliès did with his film.

A simple drum groove and bass-line provide the groundwork for Victoria Legrand in this second track, "Seven Stars."

There is a lot going on in this album, which is part of its appeal. It's not just a few songs that have been put together, it's an experience. From the accompanying visuals to the ebb and flow, Le Voyage is a thirty minute ride full of differing tones, moods, and style, which is becoming more and more rare in the current trend of music. Watch the film along with it if you can, and if not, make sure to listen to the entirety of Le Voyage Dans La Lune at once.


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