Review: Ariel Pink - Homie Ain't Waiting For Kate No Morez


Ok, I'm done "waiting for Kate" with Ariel Pink. Neither Kate nor Ariel ever showed up like I had thought. Does that make sense?  Probably not. Let me back track...

The first time I heard Ariel Pink, it was from a trusted music friend who said, "you GOTT hear this." That was about 8 years ago and my reaction was -- you are obviously on drugs.

Either way, I gave Ariel Pink a second chance and was turned around and charmed by his bizzarro live shows and videos and of course the near classic "For Kate I Wait" (the song is about Kate Bush in case you were wondering).


So since this awesome track, I've been waiting for more MONSTER songs from Pinky. I've been waiting and hoping that Ariel might evolve into the David Bowie of our time. This was my "fingers crossed L.A. dream."

Yet it seems that dream is fading, just like another pretty girl getting off the bus in Hollywood from the midwest hoping for my dreams to come true.  But instead we're doing couch auditions in Van Nuys.  

Anyway...Ariel made the right step recently with "Round and Round."


But now on this new album, Mature Themes... for me it was either make it or break it. 

And I think I'm broken.

I'm turning back to my original Ariel Pink "dark side" when I first heard him. So listen up...anyone who is not affected by the Pitchforks of the world whispering in your ear, telling you this is the bomb, will realize sooner or later that the latest release is amateur noise.  

So there... let us (BitCandy) be ostracized by the holier-than-thou hipsters of middle earth. Bring it on. 

This album bores the tits off me.

Two songs here are worth checking. One I like; the other, not so much.  

"Baby" -- really like this one, actually.


"Symphony of the Nymph" -- just an example of the "WTF am I listening to" vibe on this album.

Send your hate mail below. :) 


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