Judge Jury and Executioner (...more like Executioner)


Judge, Jury and Executioner” was the alternative title for “Myxomatosis” on Radiohead's Hail to the Thief. Although Atoms For Peace's new song resembles “Myxomatosis” as much as my Grandma resembles Megan Fox, this is nevertheless solid evidence that Thom Yorke has a disposition for rehashing old ideas (or maybe he is just a huge fan of The Walking Dead?):

C'mon. You are all thinking it. BitCandy are the only ones saying it. “Judge, Jury and Executioner” sounds like Radiohead waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Yorke writes this stuff in his sleep! Supersonic percussion punctuated by an acoustic guitar. Phantasmal harmonies overshadowing Yorke's high register vocals. It has all been done before and it will all be done again (and again, and again) on Atoms For Peace's forthcoming debut album, Amok:

But, as we predicted, bloggers-come-fanboys the world over are shaking hands with their schlongs over this song - and before they have even pressed play with their spare metacarpus! Because this is Thom “The Untouchable” Yorke, everybody! Look...it isn't that bad. In fact, we really quite like it. But we just wanted more from Atoms for Peace. Utilize Flee, already! We want slaps and pops, Anthony Keidis guest spots and goddamn socks over cocks! Okay, now we are just trying to piss you off: