Avicii 'X You' aka "You Suck"


In January, Avicii invited his, ahem, “fans” to contribute melodies, bass lines, beats, rhythms, breaks and effects to his brand new track, “X You.”  In one month, 12951 submissions were received from 4000 artists from 140 countries, in what was deemed "the world's largest music collaboration.”

So, you would think that Avicii would have been able to wrangle together a killer track with all that material to pick from, right? Wrong...:

Wow, I mean. How mediocre is this song? I could have knob-twiddled this in my bedroom! Wait, shit, I did! Because I was one of the 4000 contributors: Av1c11sucksd0nkeyd1cks...

Way to build up everybody's expectations, only to deliver a #1 disappointment, Avicii... “X You” is a half-assed turd, which sounds like all of your other half-assed turds...

This is disrespectful to all those artists who contributed beats. But not even crowd-sourcing can save you now, Avicii. Best stick to modeling for Macy's... Game over, man, gave over: