Azealia Banks Can Write Only 1 Song


I've never been a huge fan of female rappers. This is partially because I'm a raging sexist, but also because they all seem to be one-dimensional and trying just a bit too hard to prove they belong. When I first heard "212" by Azealia Banks, I thought all that had changed. Sure her usage of the c-word was a bit redundant, but it never felt forced or contrived.

I then heard her single "Jumanji" and I thought about calling my mother because I thought I had finally found the right girl for me.

And then the 1991 EP happened.


Don't be fooled by the 90 seconds snippets; these songs all sound very similar throughout. And that doesn't mean they're necessarily bad songs. Hell, I had downloaded almost all of them at one time or another. It's just that they all feel like the exact same song.

Perhaps this is just a minor setback for Azealia. After all this is her first, non-single release. And most of these songs have been on the web since January if not earlier. It's possible that Azealia, like all the women who came before her, has fooled me and really is just a one-trick-pony. But I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that the sameness that seems to be permeating through this EP is just a minor setback. Because if it's not, it looks like I'll be left right back where I started.

Have you listened to 1991 EP yet? What are your thoughts on Azealia? Should she pose in more lingeriee photos, or stick to emceeing? Do you think n****s are really beating their chests for B-A-N-K-S? As a white male am I even allowed to type a censored version of the n-word? Can anyone out there explain any of this to me?

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