Fiercely Mediocre: Azealia Banks Unleashes Another Stinker


Remember "212," the fucking incredible song that launched Azealia Banks into unforeseen stratospheres of hype? Well that seems like ions ago, especially given the music she has put out since then.

We've detailed Azealia's failings here, whether it was her underwhelming 1991 EP or the shitastic "Luxury."

We even ranked her as one of our Biggest Hype Fails of 2012.

Now we didn't do this because we don't like Azealia, it's just that she's given us no choice.

And her latest song, "Fierce (Josh Peace Mustache Redux)," is sadly more of the same.

Check it out below:


Is Azealia even awake on this track? Someone really should check, maybe in fact the label execs who (rumor has it) shelled out as much as 4 Million to snag this once rising star.

It's really starting to look like "212" was an anomaly. Cause the clearly bored, half-conscious girl on this track shows no signs of the flow from that masterpiece. And really hasn't since.