Reviewed: Beach Fossils - Clash the Truth


According to their label’s website, Beach Fossils: “…quickly became known for their highly energetic stage show, bringing the recorded work to a volume and tempo that would make even the indie-est of crowds wind up in a frenzy.”

Now, I know this is true of DIIV…live, but DIIV also happens to be the brilliant brainchild of former Beach Fossils member and current DIIV front-man / indie-business connoisseur, Mr. Zachary Cole Smith. Hmm… something that, guess what, the 2010 Beach Fossils release had, and the 2013 release does not…

2010’s Beach Fossils may have that little extra kick, but this album is simply lacking any kind of profound statement. Pun intended. The vocals sound snarky throughout the entire album and are lacking positive enthusiasm, and never seem to establish themselves. It’s as if they never really wanted to be heard in the first place.

There are a few positive points to the album, however, like the instrumental songs…WHAMMY! No wait. I’m serious, they’re actually okay and save this album from falling to the depths of 5 foot wide / tall-indie-discount-bin obscurity.

It’s not that the songs are bad, and I’d definitely say that it’s better than a lot of crap out there. But Clash the Truth is an album that has been done 87 times over….

Beach Fossils “In Vertigo” = 2013 attempt to recreate Broken Social Scene’s “Shoreline (7/4)” (although the guest vocalist Kazu Makino is very nice).

I’m sorry BSS is a genre staple, so you have to absolutely kill it when you come at the Canadians like that…eeeehhhh?

I’ll also be the first to admit that I too have been carelessly riding this indie-via-1990’s wave lately, mainly because since Twinkie production has ceased, I have been clambering on to any childhood type memories I can get my mits on…(Now if I could just find my damn New York Giants Starter Jacket and over sized mighty ducks shirt…)

However, what bands do not realize yet is that this is 2013. You have to do more than just play mediocre bedroom music to stir SMART crowds these days (like us curators here at BitCandy). Who am I kidding, no you don’t. People will buy anything you tell them is hot shit. Which is why this industry is so shallow (shameless plug for related 'Fossils video).

The “alternative” aka hipster music market is ripe for someone new or old to come seize it every day, and this is an album that will, frankly, be thrown to the wayside before it seizes anything.