Ben Frost - By The Throat


**Beware** We take no responsibility for any actions or consequences resulting from playing Ben Frost's 'By The Throat.' This album, 'By The Throat' is so appropriately titled. First of not play this album before 1am. 1am-4am is prime listening 'color' This album is dangerous ... like chill out music for warlocks (don't get me wrong, this is dangerous, gorgeous music, but there are actual wolves howls interspersed in some more of the 'by the throat' tracks). And I love it. I just want to turn up and up and if the police show up to say 'turn it down' I have a hunch...they might want to know what artist this is too. I'm only 1/2 way through the album and already writing this review...pretty blown away. This is what a part of music is really about...Something has been captured here. And yes, Ben, I get the Peter Venkman reference (I know who that is..nice). Key songs: 'Killshot,' 'Peter Venkman Part 1,' 'Hibakusja' Mr. Frost, thanks for giving me something to write about, as in my opinion, November 2009 has been a little thin for excellence.