Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot..yada yada yada (Big Boi Gives Us The David Blaine)


Pitchfork gave this a 9.2?!??? What the F? Besides the spill in the gulf this has got to be right up there with the biggest wank of the summer. Lots of Hype and we get 3 good + songs barely worth your time.

In case you were wondering, yes, we really have a true evolvement of an artist here. The needle on the dial has moved from 'Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture' to 'Shake It Like A Tambourine' except the new song is not nearly as good. And the in between song skits...hmm...I know! ... Let's do something a skit about getting busted for crack! THAT skit has never been done before. However, I have to say I got a chuck of the David Blaine skit (quoting the Urban Dictionary The David Blaine is a sexual position where you are having sex with a woman from behind and with out her knowing you let your friend slip in.)

Which leads me to my point. It sounds like as a listener that it's us instead that got The David Blaine from Big Boi...isn't it? Lots of Hype wanting us to believe...and only 3 good songs here. Have to say Big Boi goes in the Poser List with the 3.0. Key songs:


Shine Blockas'

'General Patton'