Bjork Is Too Smart For Us


Bjork is Too Smart For Us.  First of all it was a bit hard for me to write this review.  Mostly because Bjork's "Debut" is one of my all time favorite albums, as well as another amazing album, Bjork's "Post."  It was also at that time, to me, that Bjork was the most artistically beautiful woman on the planet.   But... alas, things change.  On this new album... I realized...

If you follow a trajectory and actually plotted out the career path of Bjork and her esoteric sonic explorations, you could postulate it won't be much longer (maybe in 3-4 albums) where Bjork isn't even making music at all! Yes, Bjork's album in 2015 will be more like atonal electronic pieces that simply... less and less people care about.  Prediction: maybe Bjork will even be writing music above the 20,000 Hz range of human hearing or doing something totally micro tonal *.  AND... you'll probably have have to buy a totally separate study guide as an app.

It's unfortunate for me to say this but, this might be the album where people just start caring less about BJ.  Including me.

I mean, I love being challenged by listening to something intelligent, thought provoking, explorative, etc.  But look... I don't want to feel like I need to achieve Mensa status to enjoy and appreciate something.  No doubt, there are some strong moments on "Biophilia" for sure like "Cosmogony" and "Mutual Core."  There's no denying those are great pieces.  But the real point here is that as far as artist evolution goes... Bjork has simply gotten too smart for us.  She's taken too many "smart pills," and the rest of this album is just way above both mine and Kareem Abdul Jabarr's head.

Listening to the new album "Biophilia" ... it's kinda like asking you to read James Joyce... for fun.  Besides feeling smart and elite, you end up having to "study."  To me, that not what I'm into music for.

Unfortunately, gone are also the absolute ethereal and stunning Bjork vocal moments that just run shivers up your back... like an unearthly Icelandic pixie... a voice only that come come from Bjork Guomundsdottir.  There are some great vocals on this album, but none of those truly "go for it" raw and life affirming Bjork vocal pleasure she is known for. 

On a separate tangent, some artists might think that... to continually evolve... they have to get yet continually more and more complex and esoteric.  When in fact, that is the easy part!  Yes, it's easy to get weird and complex.  However, it's incredibly hard to write another simple yet timeless modern song like "Human Behaviour," "Army of Me," "Venus As A Boy," "Violently Happy" "Hyperballad," "The Modern Things"... I could go on. 

Anyway... regrettably, from the amount of hype the pre released singles (that were by far, the best songs on the album), and the hype leading up to the modern Bjork "app album"... and my personal, subsequent non desire to hear this album multiple more times, Bjork has to unfortunately go in the Posers section.  Sorry, BJ this is the regrettable turning point for me. 

Key Songs


"Mutual Core"

And from another lifetime.

Bjork "Human Behaviour" from "Debut"

* Micro tonal music is not just a concept.  It's experimental music that is played and performed with notes in between the actual 12 notes of a scale.  For instance, between "C" and "C#" there's a whole frequency of other notes.  It's just that our ears and brain can't really handle it yet...but maybe Bjork will change that by morphing the current 12 note scale into 24  for the next album (I'm kinda not kidding).