Boys Noize Review: Out of the Black


Finally it is here: Boys Noize’s Out of the Black hits the US after much hype. It can be streamed in full here.  The album kicks off with “What you Want,” which is sort of a slow opener in comparison to “& Down” and “Gax,” the first tracks off of Oi Oi Oi and Power, respectively, which came out of the gates with a bang. I do like this though: it’s a dissonant groove with a few feels that sets up the differing styles of the album.


Next is "XTC," which, being the first single from the album, has been out for awhile, but is still something to celebrate.



This album takes a little more time to fully build than the typical dance album, and it’s certainly not like Oi Oi Oi, which just drops these huge tracks right on your lap. However, I would say that Out of the Black is smarter and reflects an attempt at something more aesthetic than just electro bangers. Take “Ich R U” for example. It starts with the characteristic robo voice synced with crash symbols to make a heavily percussive beat that gets us ready for a throwdown. After about a minute, a French bass riff slides in on the bottom while the robot continues to ramble. About halfway through the piece a much lighter melody is incorporated over the top of the piece, which, by this point, has shifted in tone dramatically. Brilliant.


It wasn’t until the fourth track that I finally got what I really wanted, though: “Rocky 2” is heavy, dirty, and mean. Its aggression is similar to the way that SebastiAn rocks the house. This is the kind of track I want. GIVE ME MORE.


Reality” is easily one of more impressive tracks on the album. It is a departure from something he would have made a few years ago, complete with a big clap track, huge die down and bass drop. Not what I expected, but pretty cool anyway.


I can’t forget to mention that there is a track with Snoop Dogg on here, rapping shit like, “A little bitch can get slammed like a POG in here.” I guess it works.

Final thoughts: While I am very happy to have this album and do enjoy it, I have to say that I want the old Boys Noize back. I want the heavy, techy, weird grooves from years past. Call me a purist, but I want more stuff like “Kill the Kid,” “Wisconsin ‘95,” and “Superfresh.” While I get that he is experimenting more with current sounds and playing around with being more accessible, it’s just not the same. Boys Noize used to be more like the heavy metal of electronic, now I don’t know what he is. It’s like ordering classic coke and having to settle with diet instead.

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