Broken Bells - (the 'B' Badge Genre)


This album is like medicine. Or Vicks Vapor Rub. Its supposed to be good for me but hmm...I don't really like the smell or taste. But like medication, if you take enough of it and start overdosing, you can get pretty f'd up. That's right. I'm committing Blogocide again. Broken Bells falls into the 'B' category and I don't mean 'blogocide.' Nope...the 'B' here is for 'badge.'. Meaning this album and artist and project has gotten so hyped up that you just gotta check it out ... not only check it out but be in the know ala peer pressure so you can where your letter 'B' on your sleve or on your coat like a football jock.'re now running with the jocks.

This is the project of Danger Mouse and James Mercer from The Shins. Is it great...Um,, it's actually good .. sure it qualifies.. One song (just like latest Spoon, Surfer Blood, Fyfe Dangerfield, and others) is fantastic and that song is 'The High Road.' The rest is...competent. But in an age of incompetency, being competent a damn superstar. if you want a great singer / songwriter album, don't forget the last 40 years that came before us. Plenty of great ones here that will really blow you mind. (and you don't even have to overdoes on Tylenol, in fact, this vintage medicine tastes amazing). Anyway. Don't be fooled by the 'badge. ' This one in the 'B' Genre / 'B'adge for me. You can either run with the hipsters or run with the Jocks. Which one is it here? But still...On 'B'roken 'B'ells...not bad...but definitely exceeding the hype. Key songs on Broken Bells 'The High Road,' 'Vaporize,' 'Your Head Is On Fire,' 'The Ghost Inside.'