Review: Cat Power Brings the Smelly Pussy


Review: Cat Power Brings the Smelly Pussy

I'm really sorry Chan...but have to give ur album a 2.2 (for the 2 - and change - fully good songs), and if I can give a negative rating for your new hair style I would.  I mean...why do women get to a certain age and decide they have to cut off their sexy femininity?  

This is the type of album that...if it was a debut by an unkown artist ... It wouldn't get a 2nd look off the street (except if Cat Power still had long hair, then maybe at least a meeting).  But have to say...the new album "Sun" is a one spin dissapointment.  

Sure...the 2 good songs are obvious here..."Cherokee" and "Ruin"...and in truth...those 2 aren't even great!  There the ones that led you to believe that there might be a great album here.  But there's not.  

Cat Power - Cherokee


Cat Power - Ruin

Hey good idea, Matador Records!...let's release Cat Power's 1st album in 6 years and not make a "real" video for the best song that came out like 3 months ago.

So it's a Deuce on this one, CM.  Sorry.   

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