New Chairlift - Best Music 2011


Admist a sub par flurry of albums making it to our Poser section (aka the most hyped music fails), we're so blessed and excited to finally get the Best Music of 2011 with a nice present and review of the new Chairlift album, "Something," coming out January 24th, 2012 (yes it's true we somehow got a copy 3 months in advance).

And THIS is what an album should be…almost every song is an infectious winner here from the opening "Sidewalk Safari" to other incredible songs on the album like "Belong In Your Arms" (favorite on the album), "Take It Out On Me" and "Amanaemonesia," where the band have already released a very unexpectedly experimental 70s art instructional drawing / dance type video? 

Caroline Polachek (vocals, synth) and Patrick Wimberly (drums, bass, keys, production) deliver not just great infectious songs but also with the backdrop of a modern landscape of inventive soundscapes, hooks and beats in the productions.

In a way, imagine if Eurythmics were still making great music today.  I'm saying that also as Caroline's voice is so pure and unique...but you knew that already. 

I dare say you could hear a Chairlift song like "I Belong In Your Arms" or the others mentioned, crossing over to Top 40 ala Foster the People.  Other highlights on the album include the songs "Wrong Opinion" and "Ghost Tonight."

Bottom Line: Highly anticipated.  Highly recommended

(Disclaimer..this is not the album artwork!)

Check out their 1st video from the Chairlift "Something" album with the song "Amanaemonesia"

Chairlift "Amanaemonesia" (um., how long did it take to learn this weird crazy dance?) 

Sing A Long Lyrics

You lost your focus / But I got a plan for it / With a secret ingredient / And you are infinitely invited / Just leave alone the geminis / Two of them and four of I's / (And you are infinitely Invited)

No one could not agree (it's unanimously decided) / They've come for you and me (that we're dangerously surrounded) / Their boats are full of flames / They paint the grasses green / Repeating history / They don't say what they mean

Is it amnesia? / Amamaemonesia / Mistaken for magic? (Mistaken for magic.) / Silver hours / Silver hours / Becoming a habit? (Chasing the rabbit.) / Is it amnesia? / Amamaemonesia, Mistaken for magic? (Mistaken for magic. Mistaken for magic.)