Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM (Charlotte...step awayyyy from the Scientology!)


I hope Beck didn't put you under his spell....that would be so 'Squirrel!' (to quote a scientology phrase...hehe). Beck is at the helm here on this really exceptional album. It was hard to equal or better Charlotte's previous album 5:55 with Air and Nigel Godrich .... But this one comes close. As you may know, Charlotte (daughter of French Song Icon Serge Gainsbourg) had her inspiration for IRM (backwards is 'MRI') when she underwent surgery for a cerebral hemorrhage in September 2007 as well as reportedly the creative process in filming 'Antichrist.' All I will say is there are 13 songs on this album and 10 of them are 'rated' on my IPod. That's a pretty huge rarity. So, Yes this is an awesome album. And Yes, you should buy it!! Key songs 'Heaven Can Wait,' 'IRM,' 'Master's Hand' 'Trick Pony' 'La Collectionneuse' among others! Nicole Morier from Electrocute joins on the live tour as guitar player as well as Bram Inscore from Beck's live band. Score!!