Is Beck boning Charlotte Gainsbourg?


Is Beck boning Charlotte Gainsbourg?  Yes, that's the question I'm posing in this reviews on music post. Because... based on this last album release "Stage Whisper" (of which 1/2 of the tracks are studio recordings and the other 1/2 are live performances), it is the only logical explanation for Beck to continue working with C.G. (he produced this one as well as "IRM").

Look... Beck, forget about Charlotte... she's may be the "pure blood" of Serge Gainsbourg... but she isn't Serge Gainsbourg!  And yeah, that's cool you did that last album with her, "IRM"... it was a really good and nice move conceptually to move in that producer roll... but the latest Charlotte Gainsbourg album just sounds 100% like the cutting room floor tracks.

There is  one pretty good new studio recording (and only one) called "Paradisco."  Check it out here.

I have an idea.  Let's start a seance.  And summon the Spirit of Serge Gainsbourg.  (dimming the lights and getting the crystal ball).  OMG... Serge Gainsbourg... he's here.  I'm transcribing what he's saying:

Is Beck boning Charlotte Gainsbourg?

"Beeecccckkk.  Beeeccckkkkk Hanssssen.  My daugheterrrrrr is just an ooohhh kaaayyyy singer.   It's tiiiimmme yoooouuuuu movvvved onnnn.  I wannnnt annnooottther  "Meellllooowwwww Golllld" or "Guuuerrro" type alllllbum.  Ahhhhhhh h h h h h h......"

So how about that idea... another Beck album?   Yes!  This would be much more preferable than more efforts into "Charlotte's Web."

Do we love Beck? Yes we do. So B.H., drop that ho and bring the new Beck tunes!

As far as this album... it ultimately feels like something slapped together for fans (and probably only fans) to buy for the Holidays. The Live Recordings are competent but it's not like you are getting a special "live" performance and exclusive "live" arrangements of the songs, with new interludes, sections, interpretations, personifications, stories, spontaneous moments.  The lack of spontaneity may be due to the fact that Charlotte is apparently dead scared of being on stage... so maybe not a lot of room for going out on the fringes. 

At the end of the day the album is ultimately... appropriately titled.

Who's up for a new Beck album?

Maybe Serge Gainsbourg.