Childish Gambino - "The Yellow Fever Album"


Just heard the new Childish Gambino album "Camp" in which I learned a few more things about Donald Glover for our BitCandy Reviews On Music.  Actually oh snap...that's not true at all! fact and in truth, the 13 song new album coming November 15th are pretty much all just the same Childish Gambino's recycled "go to" topics.  And to save you some time (and maybe even money if you don't have Spotify), I've summarized the entire album succinctly in these Donald Glover's (aka Childish Gambino) "go to" topics:

My name is Donald Glover - And this is what I write about:

- Big Semi - Creepy Fetish for Asian Girls (who can blame him, but the Asian girl thing starts going over the top here)

- I'm from Harlem (but wait, weren't you born in California, raised in Georgia and didn't you graduate from New York University?  How's that for street cred?!  I'm confused.  WTF).

- He's totally not like other black guys on BET.

Seriously that's about it. End of story.

You know what else was annoying?  Childish Gambino has a "one trick" vocal delivery. Its a cross between "angry" and "something perpetually stuck in my throat" vibe.  And sure from one "song leak" to "song leak" at a time...actually, this works...but as an album it gets kinda tiring.  

Now, you could say the same thing about Eminem's "one vocal style delivery" but look...Childish Gambino, Eminem is not. 

The other thing sadly missing (I say "sadly" because I really wanted to love this album) are hooks and songs. Yup...give it up big time to Kanye, Eminem, Jay-Z....MAJOR credit. They don't skimp on the songs. In fact, they KILL it in this department!!!

Unfortunately Childish Gambino is mostly one liners.  You now he reminds me of?  Bo Burnham (ouch...just as clever and writes better choruses).

Yah, Great one liners but really there's never going to be a hit song with either Childish or Bo Burhnam.  Ahh, but maybe next album Donald will be into Latin girls and he can switch up some topical lyric writing.

It will be interesting to see how Glassnote Records (huge fan, home of Phoenix, Mumford Songs and Two Door Cinema club) perform with this album.  My prediction is Childish Gambino will sell less than 75,000 albums in the U.S. due the lack of real songs and hooks.

On the other hand, one point of "cred" worth mentioning is that this will be Childish Gambino / Donald Glover's 7th music release.  It means that this guy has been doing it for a while (tirelessly) and not just an overnight guy into rapping ... but then again ... can we really appreciate and believe in rap music from a comedian?  (He is a comedian after all with "Derrick Comedy" and the "Community" TV Show).   Or are we better off just listening to Bo Burnham who's just purely a comedian rapper. 

Anyway, don't worry...Donald, if it doesn't work here. Just move to Japan, I promise you'll be happy there.

Key Songs:

Childish Gambino "Bonfire"

Childish Gambino "Heartbeat" (a much needed change of pace and semi breath of fresh air production wise...still waiting for someone else to leak this ahead of the album / youtube so i can embed it).