When an artist as prolific as beatmaker extraordinaire Mike Volpe, a.k.a. Clams Casino, has a year like he did in 2013, it's considered low key. Perhaps that's why Clams Casino dropped the third and final installment of his excellent instrumental series, Instrumental Mixtape 3, one of the latest unexpected new album releases to hit the music world this winter.

All Mr. Volpe did this year was produce all the best tracks on one of the years best hip hop records, Long.Live.A$AP, provide one of the best cuts for the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack ("Crystals"), as well as dropping an epic trap single with MF Doom ("Bookfiend"). But he apparently felt that was way too lackadaisical, god forbid he take a slight break.

Clams Casino Instrumental Mixtape 3 isn't Beyoncé, because honestly, what in the fuck is? But that doesn't mean Instrumental Mixtape 3 is bunk, quite the opposite. Clams shows why his freeware is superior to his peers like Four Tet, Angel Haze, and Flying Lotus, all of whom recently put out inferior end of the year mixtapes.

Stream the fresh mixtape in its entirety below, then be sure to stick around for more words on said mixtape. Cause otherwise I'll just be talking to myself.




If you're a hip hop fan, or you like to play video games in which you can steal cars, kill pedestrians, fuck prostitutes, and partake in a fistful of other debaucherous activities, then you've probably heard most of the music on Instrumental Mixtape 3 before. The mixtape starts with Clams cut from GTAV, a dense, layered track that sets the tone for the rest of the tape.

What's so impressive about Instrumental Mixtape 3 is the richness and fullness of theses tracks. Usually when you disambiguate the emcees from hip hop track, you're left with something that barely feels like a demo. Everything's raw and empty and it feels like the building block of a song, but little more. That's clearly not the case here, as these songs all work on their own, with a lot of them not losing any depth without vocals. This is a credit to Clams' mastery of his craft. 

Of course I prefer Clams Casino produced tracks to actually have someone rapping over them, but that's mainly because he tends to work with some of the best artists in the game.




You can download Clams Casino Instrumental Mixtape 3 for free over on Sendspace. Since Volpe took it easy in 2013, look for him to be on a tear in the New Year.