Crim3s - Stay Ugly EP


Grungy, thrashy, industrial-y, frantic, frienzied, scratching and clawing out from beneath the sewers and grabbing your disgustingly groteque Kankles comes the Stay Ugly EP from duo Crim3s. Sadie Pinn and Isaac are creating this Crystal Castley vibe with a way rougher edge. And I'm sure you guessed that by the Die Antwoord-esque haircut Sadie seems to be rockin' round...ya know the female shaved dome with a some type of mushroom cut across the bangs....Plus she screams at you a lot, so I wouldn't mess with her.

It's sneaky. Some of the beats'll draw you in, chew you whole, and spit you back out before you can even say SHARKNADO. Sadie is ferocious. Relentless mother fucker on the vocals. This could pass as female fronted thrash-trap-core if one really wanted to go there, but I'll just leave it up to you to stress about it.

Pretty interesting stuff. Even more interestingly enough they once created under the moniker "Story of Isaac"...good choice on the name switch...1997 might have welcomed "the story" with open arms, but numbers where letters should be...Crim3s...wayyyyyyyy more new age. And it's the word crimes that we're altering here, very bad ass.

If you don't feel lost while you are listening to lost, well then you have the innate ability to not be affected my music...You're like a steel wall of strength and I envy you...however some of us like getting wwwaaaVVVyyyyYY and lost...Let us rejoice in our dark corners, and lust for the shadowy sounds committed by Crim3s...not to be confused with Grimes..

Speaking of Staying Ugly...don't worry, ugly isn't going anywhere...we still got Chris Bosh, Joakim Noah, Sam Cassell as Golum, Tevez, Ribery, and many many more to keep our society in check :-)