Cymbals Eat Guitars - Get A 10 for Awesome Band Name.(and that's about it).


The title of this review should be Cymbals Eat Guitars or rather "Cymbals Eat Guitars And Then Eats A Cyanide Pill and Then My IPod Meets A Sledgehammer"  Really I think the 2nd is a better name.  But if it has to be the first...C.E.G. (can I call you that?) you get a '10' for a band name.  And a 5.1 for a memorable album. Is anyone still listening to Titus Andronicus' last!  I rest my point.

Yes, the NAME of the band is actually the real star of the show here.  That's TOTALLY the best part.  Cymbals Eat Guitars.  It's right up there with that other dude.  Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.  Anyone here from this guy recently?  By the way, he forgot one thing in that band name.  What happens after flying?  Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Wash Cape.  That's a band I would want to see. 

(Warning: the following contains stuff you might not like...but I do).  OK so what exactly is my point I'm trying to get at you ask? My point is, that a lot of "cool" indie music is disposable as Ashley Simpson.  Ouch.  Please send your hate letters to this email address ____________.  But seriously.  Think about this for a second.  What do we (or should we) value the most in an artist's musical statement?  In my's SONGS.  That's what we sing, that's what sticks with us...that's what we go back to and continually seek out.

Are there songs here with C.E.G.?  Hell No...there are however some vibey sonics and a cool band name.  

What ends up happening is the hipster outlets (ala just like back in the day of commercial radio with JLo and P Diddy in the late 90s) start winding up the "hype machine."  And guess (yes, you), MUST get your hands on this "indie band badge" and "be in the know" by totally loving Cymbals Eat Guitars.  9 months later you'll probably be like...what the F was I doing hanging.  I could have spent that time trying to make a sweater out of lint. 

There are people who probably will love this album and are going to hate this article. (and hate me). That's OK.  I need some haters.  Bring it!

In the meantime check out a formidable 8:31 (eight minute and thirty one second) effort with the C.E.G. song "Rifle Eyesight (Proper Eye)" that is worth mentioning.  

Their album "Lenses Alien" is out October 11 via lael ... ohhhhh, doesn't matter.

Cymbals Eat Guitars "Rifle Eyesight (Proper Name)"