This Album Sounds Like His Hair


When I first listened to this album I hadn’t yet chugged my morning gallon of Tang, so naturally I assumed this was either a sick prank or just a side effect from a bad hangover. But nooo, it was the actual self titled debut album by Darwin Deez.

Deez has managed to successfully prove that there is such a thing as inhaling one too many helium balloons. His ability to bridge the gap between kooky and psychotic is not quite there, but he’s well on his way to what I call a breakdown.


My thoughts on the hacked up album: Make the fucking noise stop! I know the dude is quirky, and by all means I welcome quirky. But this kind of production is as exciting as having a rash on my’s annoying (Correction: Having a rash is a million times more exciting than listening to curly's jangly jingles). Yes, it’s obvious...I am disappointed yet again.

I had so much anticipation for this album after seeing the fantastic video for "Free (The Editorial Me)."

Don’t think I am hating on the Deez; it’s nice to see that no matter what people may think, he’s going to continue doing his thing. But as I made it obvious in the beginning, the album was hard to listen to. The entire concept is weird, and quite frankly I don’t understand it. Am I perhaps not imaginative enough? Hmmm, maybe.

I felt lost and sad, the rest of the album unfortunately goes on like a run on sentence, despite tasteful riffs and great productions like "You Can't Be My Girl" that are set up for something more explosive and rememberable on the top line.

You can stream the full mediocrity and one awesome song here.

And what about the album title, Songs for Imaginative People? I wish I could imagine that the rest of this album actually lived up to the 1st single. I think I'll imagine listening to INXS (or nothing) instead.

But remember back in the day before the internet, when we bought the CD just to get that one song and paid $13.98 (or more)? That's kinda this album.