Daughter - If You Leave


If you ever wanted to, for whatever reason, immediately transport yourself from the lovely summer heat that brings us these fucking 107 degree days in the SFV, into the deepest, darkest most confined-crevaces of winter’s glacial underworld, this album is probably the secret code on getting there.

Something about Elena Tonra's voice is chillingly obtuse. Why, you say? Because she’s mastering her own miseries and inviting everyone else to struggle and watch. Clinging on to the very moral fabric that shaped your childhood, you are now left to ponder, at where you are in life now.

You cannot escape Tonra, she will "Smother" you...

This does not sound like anyone’s Daughter, rather a well-seasoned, passionate and comforting mother; leading her tribe through the trials and tribulations of life and the overwhelming density of magnified sorrow. The title of this album is If You Leave, after all, and the sound couldn’t be any more encapsulating of just those notions.

It’s like The Notebook, except in this version they bicker and fight endlessly, until that fox Rachel Mcadams is left to wade in the streaming tears of an excruciating break-up…but then in a surprise twist Rachel, buys an entirely new notebook in which she begins to write the lyrics that would eventually become this album…cue John Cusak radio overhead scene via Rachel and BOOM Mr. Gosling comes drooling back like a slutty-attention-craving puppy.

“You can try to forget me but I wont let you easily.” Oh she's good.

The intriguing thing about this release is that it doesn’t yearn for affection. It’s not about whimpering and whining to get your ways. Sometimes, it's about stepping back and evaluating your life long relationships. The bonds you’ve made with both the people you love and the people you don’t.

Daughter wants to work with you to help understand the entire world surrounding your being. She’s inviting me to “feel something…in the night, when we touch” and I’m completely game.

This may be "Shallow," but Daughter is incredibly mature sounding. Like some kind of purely angelic virgin Mary bestowing infinite relationship wisdom unto me. This may not be the solution to all of my problems, but it will provide the framework on guiding exactly how to compassionately resolve the recurring bothersome conflicts that plague youthful thinking.