St. Vincent & Byrne - Love This Giant? Homey don't play that.


Our reviews on music today is all about an album that is...a whole bunch of nothing.  Except for two songs "Who" and "The One Who Broke Your Heart."   The rest of this epic event pairing of David Byrne and St. Vincent is an "arrangement" exercise of Annie Clark harmonic complexities that no one cares about.  

You see, most chicks would show a little leg or titty to get David Bryne's attention.  But instead it seems Annie Clark ditched that sexy little black dress for a ream composition paper and transpositions for all the brass and string uber sophistication that was brought to the cool party.  

Do we care?  No.  Will it blend?   Well, unless you have a "Blend Master" the answer here is a big bbbzzzzrrrrr clccrrrk  clrk clllllk (smoke comes out of blender).  

I do LOVE this 1 track and video which is pretty epic.  

David Byrne & St. Vincent - Who 


And don't get me wrong.  I'm a HUGE David Bryne / Talking Heads / St. Vincent fan...big time!   So I was naturally pumped to listen to this but it turns out the real rock star is their publicity agent winding this up.  

David Byrne at his Best: Talking Heads - Life During Wartime (Live)


Look let's be real.   Fiona Apple's album came out 3 months ago.  Does any one really care 90 days later?   Getting back to a previous point...You know what the best thing about Fiona Apple was?   Her publicist.  That's the rock star here!   Holy shit...the publicist DELIVERED!   But not this music.  I mean really...are you DYING to get home from class / work and pop on that Fiona Album title of 23 utterly annoying words?  (Oh, let me make a way long ass album title just to be annoyingly weird).  

Same thing here on this album.  It's an event that everyone can clamor over and pretend they like so they can be in the cool club.   

Annie Clark at her best.  St. Vincent "Your Lips Are Red" (Live)

But this isn't cool.  

It's uber attempts at uber intelligence that simply are at the end of the day...dumb.

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