David Guetta Delivers...But Doesn't Invite Conway Twitty On New Album


It kinda pains me to write this review since David Guetta (to me) is one degree away frame Ace of Base on the big cheese aesthetic chart. But I have to admit this is a mega strong pop album.

By the way, my grandmother is very pissed because she didn't get a call to guest appear on this album...since everyone else in the world is apparently here from Sia, Chris Brown, Usher, Dev, Timbaland, Afrojack, Akon, Jessie J, Ludacris, Nicky Minaj, Taio Cruz, Mr. T, Liberace, David Hasslefhoff, Conway Twitty (ahh forget those last 4 I was plum getting carried away. Yuck yuck).

Yes, the album title might be called "Nothing But The Beat" but David Guetta, who is about to turn mandatory retirement age as required by the French government (just kidding) gives us all the proper songs and dance floor anthems. Yes, as far as the new sound of pop.  This is it. Get used to it.

And with his competitor, Tiesto announcing the biggest singular DJ show in history (this will be historic) at The Home Depot Arena in Carson, CA (27,000 seater) , dance and electronic music is here for the decade.  (Except for you Com Truise...2 good songs on an album aint gonna cut it.)

Highlights on this album include maybe the most smart and clever club banger of the year compliments of Dev, Timbaland and Afrojack with "I Just Wanna F." I'll give you one guess what the "F" stands for..."Fart" of course. (We're running a special bounty of $100 who can catch a video/audio of Dev farting. Does not apply to Timbaland as it would be too easy). Anyway, we ran a separate story on this song here on this wicked pop song "I Just Wanna F" where you can preview the song as well.

And yes, Will I Am delivers a hit that doesn't make you feel completely smegma-ish with "Nothing But The Beat.". Ohh if only there was a chorus.

And probably the biggest commercial hit from this album is from disco four on the floor king Usher with "Without You."  If someone told Usher in 1998 he'd be making disco music in 2011 hmm that's like telling Snoop Dog in 1993 he'd one day be making mashed potatoes with Martha Stewart. (Hey I'm not kidding check that shit out here).

Also loving "I Can Only Imagine" and "Sweat" which David Guetta resurrected from the Cataracs graveyard of productions.

And of course we have the current singles that are proper pop singles like "Little Bad Girl," "Where Them Girls At," and "Titanium" from Sia which we love. "Without You" featuring Usher is being serviced September 27th to commercial radio.  Get a preview below: 

The lower common denominator stuff you'll find in "Night Of Your life" and "Crank It Up" but hey what do you expect.  

And by the way, just who is David Guetta's stylist?  Obviously he was going for the French DJ "butcher look" here.



Bonjour...J'mapelle Daveed Gew-ettah...Aimeriez-vous la coupe porterhouse ou le rôti croupe ou le filet mignon?