Deerhoof Review: Get Loose with "The Hoof"


Breakup Song is Deerhoof's 12th (Twelfth WTF?!!) album and this... IS.... American Idol! Just kidding... I felt like being Ryan Seacrest for a moment... and This .... Is ... BitCandy's Review on Music post.

First of all, I have to admit Deerhoof has, to me, always fallen into the "disposable indie" category. Meaning... it's an album you get and listen to so that you can be cool and knowledgable and get your "indie badge" so you don't look like a corn dog when you're hanging with your "way too cool" friends.

Don't get me wrong, it's always been a pleasurable listening experience listening to "The Hoof," and really, who can keep of which band is which between: Deerhoof, Deertick, Deerpeople, Deerhunter. I mean, really... WTF is the fascination with deer? It's the fucking forest, bro! Indie bros don't hang out in the forest, so get over the deer shit!

Anyway... I'm more than satisfied and pleased with the twelfth outing here, where there seem to be some better songs and even a little more pop side of the band. Take "Breakup Songs," for instance:

And then "There's That Grin." Well, let's just say we're going to turn that frown upside down on this sweet dirty indie jam.

Hell, you even get an indie samba on "The Trouble with Candyhands." What else more do you want?!

And that's why Deerhoof has an album that definitely lands in the Best Music 2012 category. Sorry, David "Deer" Hasslehoof... we can't say the same about you. 


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