Def Leppard - Pyromania


That's right I'm talking about Def Leppard here...1983 yo !! Why am I writing about this? Because no other bands have 'killed' it in the last 3 months and because this album ROCKS! And I don't mean to use the word 'rocks' as a generic goofball catch phrase. I hate when someone says 'You Rock!' Sounds-so-very-not-rockin. But on Pyromania...I really mean it! This is a perfect album and one of Mutt Lange's nicely notched masterpiece albums on his producer belt (including AC/DC 'Back In Black,' Foreigner, and yes, Shania Twain among others).

This was Def Leppards 3rd album and their breakthrough...way before Steve Clark OD'd (by the way, what's up with today's 'musicians dropping faster than flys??), and when Rick Allen still had both arms. The Pyromania party kicks off with 'Rock Rock Til You Drop' and doesn't let go til 'Photograph' 'Foolin',' 'Rock Of Ages,' 'Billys Got A Gun,' 'Bringin' On The Heartbreak'...among other songs of awesomeness.

This is a perfect album, every guitar riff, vocal bg, drum fill, lyric and melody perfectly placed amidst a hard rock / pop crafted songwriting. If anyone has 2010's version of this please let me know! All you other rock up! 'Gunter, Glieben, Glauten, Globen'