Delta Rae Raise The Musicianship Bar...


Good music is hard to find.  That's why I'm so happy to tip you off to Delta Rae's new album, Carry The Fire, in today's Reviews On Music.

We did a single song post on their most awesome song and video, "Bottom Of The River," the other week which you gotta check right here right now to get your mind blown.

But what is the sound of Delta Rae?

Think Southern Gospel singer / songwriters meets Fleetwood Mac with a touch of Mumford/The Lumineers style of 2013 Americana. Seriously, if this is beginning to sound like a great recipe for your favorite new music find... you might be correct.

Which brings me to a rant I did a little while ago on the state of musicianship and overall artistry today. I go more into detail on my Mother Falcon review (amazing Austin band you must hear).

The gist of the rant is... if the year was 1975 and you were an aspiring rock/pop or singer/songwriter musician, you would have to be as good as Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac), Steve Howe (Yes), James Taylor, Barry Gibb (Bee Gees), Jimmy Webb, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, etc... you get the deal. The bar for entry in this world 40 years ago is in the fucking stratosphere!!! Not like today where you can twiddle some knobs and call yourself an "artiste."  Right.

Enter Delta Rae.

First of all, it's a band of 4 lead singers, and they are all way rad. Witness a live album sampler of their awesomeness here:


And the back story here is also amazing. Apparently legendary record exec Seymour Stein, responsible for discovering and signing: Talking Heads, Pretenders, Echo & the Bunnymen, Depeche Mode, The Smiths... brought the band to Sire/Warner Brothers after being turned on to Delta Rae by the very doctor treating his cancer stricken daughter (so the story goes):

"Seymour, will you listen to my friend's band?"  Turned out it was Delta Rae.

And Seymour will probably be right... again. This is hot.

And while Delta Rae's music might not yet cure cancer (we wish his daughter best wishes), it certainly can cure the malady streak of low musicianship and songs in today's current malaise of the dreaded "whatever" category.

Check out Delta Rae on Jay Leno live here on their website and also get a free download... free yo!

Keep an eye out for their next video coming soon for "Morning Comes," which is a one cut take following one of the lead singers on a beach as various products and crazy shit is thrown at and on him (think paint, feathers, champagne, etc.) from his fellow band mates (who seem to like participating in this torture a little too much).  Awesome video.... and embed coming soon. In the meantime you can hear the song right here:

Delta Rae - Morning Comes

Thanks Numero Unos (that's you) for reading.  In the meantime... 


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