Review - Dev and Kid N Play Share Hairdresser, Career Trajectory


Dev fails to DEVelop. Dev is in trouble. First, she gets the worst hair makeover ever recorded in pop history. Actually...not as bad as Michael Jackson's Pepsi fire fiasco instant hair-do. I mean really...who is her hairdresser...Kid from Kid N Play?  Seriously...

Next up comes this album that has been apparently pushed back and now we know why...for obvious reasons (besides Devvy being preggy). It sucks.

It's not that it's "bad," it's just that it's barely competently good.

Who cares about "good?"

On the best new song which is the best song by far on the album (we will be playing it on our Internet Radio for sure), Dev talks about "I got that thump it's in my trunk" (which sounds a lot like "i got that dump it's in my trunk"), which judging by this album is a more accurate description (and kinda reminds me of an epic Peaches parody of "My Humps" called "My Dumps"...seriously this is totally in WTF land).'s Dev's take:

But Dev gives you more...we're not done!

We get some very metaphoric wow lyric ideas like this "trying to be metaphoric" song title, "The Night The Sun Came Up."  Wait...hasn't this happened every 24 hours for 4 Billion years?  Please explain the "specialness?"

There are other tracks here like "Getaway" and "Shadows" that are a little more singer / songwriter based circa Christina Perri that just reek of someone over-thinking the album direction. I can hear it in the label office: "Let's do something UNEXPECTED!"

On "Naked" we get a double dose of crap, both with Dev and Enrique Iglesias partnering up in the shocking song title, "Naked." Actually this song is pretty good...I was just trying to be funny.

Overall...we'll see if Dev makes another album after this or if she's delegated to "single" by "single" and "feature" by "feature" land.

So as far as new songs...just download "In My Trunk" and "Naked" and you'll be fine.

It-it-it's the Cataracs....Take shelter, grab the cat and dog...Run for your life!


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