If 3 South Africans Fart In The Forest...


Hey... Did this Die Antwoord album actually come out? It seems like there was a massive flurry of net buzz about 2 weeks ago about the artists' creepy / rat infested / disturbing ... yet great video, "I Fink U Freaky." 

But then it's like... what happened? It's like that "tree falling in a woods" analogy. But this time I'll switch it up a little. How about this? 

If a South African trio farts in the woods. And if no one is there to hear it... well you get the idea. But in this case it's not a fart but more like a dump. And listening to this album, there's no avoiding the fact... yup, you're in the woods and... it's getting smelly fast.

Let's be honest. When it comes to Die Antwoord... Does anyone care? I mean... really.

Sure, they have an exceptional visual component and concept... but really... does anyone care at the end of the day? Are there any Die Antwoord songs you'll be singing now or even in 3 months?

The answer is most likely a "No."

Certainly another contributing factor why their record label, Cherry Tree / Interscope recently split ties... we've pulled some hard data for you to check out. And you might be surprised.

After all the hoopla of their debut album, $O$, Die Antwoord sold a grand total of 26,000 albums... yes, after all the hype... there's 26,000 records in the U.S. total sold, 2,800 in the UK... and now the current album "Ten$ion" has "exploded" with all of 4,000 total people in the United States saying "they NEED" to have the next Die Antwoord album. In the UK, so far that number sold is 250 albums (total). I'm not making this up! It's all accessible data.

But the "I Fink U Freaky" video has 3,000,000 YouTube videos?!! So there's obviously a disconnect in Die Antwoord "curiosity" and actual believers who want the music.

The performance of the last album, internal stress and creative differences between the band and the record label, obviously caused the parting of the ways. I do have to give props to Die Antwoord expressing their artistic disdain for the label in public.  From the great image of the "Beats by Dre bloody headphones" (Beats headphones are co-owned by Interscope / Jimmy Iovine btw) to the uncomfortable old mogul meets petite hottie "Uncle Jimmy" skit portraying a Jimmy Iovine getting pedophiliac with Yo-Landi sitting on his lap... and even the album title "Ten$ion," you know the band is giving the label the big middle finger.  I love it.  But then again, so what.

Oh I forgot to mention. Ke$ha called while you were out... she wants her $ symbol back.

Anywyz, I hate to say it, because I love it when the left of center and WTF music and aesthetics break through... but at the end of the day, without REAL songs, Die Antwoord is like a circus side.  A 40+ year old wrapper, a fat dumpy DJ, and a pixie chick cartoon character with a haircut from 2021... it was all over the top / borderline SNL sketch meets circus freak show. And when the circus leaves town, there's nothing really left behind except some plastic souvenirs that you're going to throw away in 6 months.

Big ups to Die Antwoord for sticking with their vision and doing it their way. Thumbs down on the album though.

Seriously, if you listen to this album as a comedy album, you might be better off. Some of my favorite lyrics with commentary:

South Africa 2012 (good job, 9 months left for that lyric)
We're in the Future Now (no, you're in the present actually)
Just Because the Whole World Has Gone Dwanky (Dwanky?...Really?)
Doesn't mean we're Gonna go Fucking it Up Like That Too. (Yes, you are.)

And then there are classic song titles like "U Make A Ninja Wanna Fuck."

My prediction is Yo-Landi (who is really the star here) will emerge as a feature on another big DJ project, or maybe a supstar producer will figure out what to do with her after all hope is lost or will move into film / acting. Wasn't there a rumor that she was up for the Lisbeth Salander part in "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?"

Oh, Yo-Landi.

Key songs:

I Fink U Freaky
Babys On Fire


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