Drive - Original Soundtrack


Remember that story about at a pre screening of Jaws in 1976?  It seems that, as an experiment, the film studio showed the film without any music score (compliments of John Williams) and it turned out the audience didn't react at all?  But with the music score included... people went CRAZY... screaming and running out of the theater, never ever to enjoy swimming in the ocean again. 

Fast forward 35 years to one of the years best films and best music 2011, "Drive," which is coincidentally also one of the best soundtracks in last 5 years, and  one of the best examples I can think of a music score creating an overall total effect and cinema experience.

Drive - "Original Soundtrack Preview"

First of all.  Start to get to know this name: Nicolas Winding Refn.  He's the Danish Director of "Drive," and I've been a mega fan since his Danish gritty gruesome gangster hit "The Pusher Trilogy," and of course, "Valhalla Rising" which is like an indie art house "Gladiator" film.

See "Drive" in the theater today!  And then you'll probably want the Soundtrack.  There's a whole 80s film noire meets synth pop thing going along that is reminiscent of "Tangerine Dream," meets Michael Mann, and "To Live And Die In L.A."

The Soundtrack ranges between a mixture of ambient mysterious electronic music from Cliff Martinez, to "must have" synth pop electro songs from Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx, College and The Chromatics.

Disclaimer... if you don't like semi weird ambient music... the last 2/3rd of the album aren't for you :)

Damn, wish Hollywood made more movies like this.

"A Real Hero" (feat. Electric Youth)" - College

"Drive" Trailer *warning this is a red band trailer*

Lyrics to "A Real Hero" by College

A real human being, And a real hero

Back against the wall and ours
With the strength of a willing to cause
A pursuit some called outstanding
Or emotionally complex

Against a grain
Left to stop at claims
Of all the thoughts your actions entertaining
And you, have proved, to be
A real human being, And a real hero

A planet on a cold, cold morn' (morning)
155 people or more
All safe and all rescued
From the slowly sinking ship

What are warmer than
His head so cool
And type 'I knew what to do'
And you, have proved, to be
A real human being, And a real hero

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