Eels - Endtimes (or 'Eels' + 'Water' = 'Instant Depression')


Wow not a sense of hope at ALL here on this album...lyrically or in what Mark Everett is delivering. With song titles like 'End Times,' 'Paradise Blues,' 'High and Lonesome' ... get ready for a Miley Cyrus 'Party In The USA' type of feel good party record! Obviously it's not happening at E's pad. For all the 'depression tracks' there are some really good songs here but maybe not enough to keep you from jumping off that ledge. 'A Line In The Dirt' on it's own is great...but the rest just not living up to that expertise delivered in that exceptional song. Also check out 'End Times' and 'Little Bird' ... that's about where this album should have stopped. Oh and get your anti depression here