Review: Eternal Summers - Correct Behavior


Summertime is in full effect. Time to blow off work and take a road trip. Every successful road trip is prepared with the summer road trip trinity: gas, snacks, and tunes. What more appropriately named band to scroll across your “now playing” readout than Eternal Summers? Eternal Summers are coming out with a new CD called Correct Behavior on July 24th. While Correct Behavior will not fuel your car or feed your friends, its high listenability points should compel you to queue up a few tracks for your journeys in the sunny months.

Eternal Summers – Millions

These girls apparently hate Salvation Army store pottery and Oreo cakes. It’s funny that they start off the video driving in a car because that’s exactly what I think this CD is good for. This is excellent car trip music. Even more appropriately, the opening track, "Millions," is a great first track for the road trip I’m trying to convince you to take me on.

Eternal Summers - It’s easy

Filler. Albums have them and so do playlists. This should start up just before that final long haul after everyone gets back in the car. It’s slow and echoey and just passes time.

Eternal Summers - Wonder

This is it. Totally groovy. Excellent beat and fun little guitar parts. I will one hundred percent dance to this song… in my moving car. Do not queue this song during peak driving times because my particular style of car dancing does not allow for much of the ol’ two and ten. I’m saying we are going to die to this song. Hopefully on the way back.

Eternal Summers – Girls in the City

The low, dark, talk-sing thing they give us in "Girls in the City" is exactly right for the point in the car ride where everyone is pretending to be asleep; but you’re almost there so there’s no point in actually sleeping.

Add in some songs everyone will sing along with and maybe one or two with your girlfriend’s name in the title or lyrics and you’re set. So long as I don’t crash during "Wonder." 


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