Flying Lotus Makes A Barren Sonic Landscape


The new Flying Lotus album, Until The Quiet Comes is fucking annoying.  Even Thom Yorke, Erykah Badu can't save this flat barren landscape of sonic what-ever-ness.  

Don't get me wrong.  I've been a Flying Lotus fan!  I first got turned on to Flying Lotus through his "Los Angeles" album recordings, which was just totally blissful urban 3 a.m. metropolitan beautifully dangerous landscapes that ultimately I found pairs well with 3 + drinks of anything.  Case in point: behold the epic AMAZING track, "Brainfeeder"

What we get this time around is none of that specialness.  It's just annoying bleeps and blurbs.  Credit goes to F.L. for at least trying to innovate and do something different...this set is actually a little more harder on the beats side as well as the textures are sharper.  

But at the same time where the tracks have more edge....there are these beautiful dreamy chordal highly musical landscapes...and well...unlike Mr. Blendmaster.  This shit just doesn't blend like it should. 

I mean take "Putty Boy Strut" for example.  Really?  Does this do something for you?  Are you vibing to this with mocha latte and hipster beard?

Now, I will give some marketing credit here to team Lotus.  The introductory video and short film introducing the album made it on our Best of Videos post here and is quite a stunning piece of video music.  

But then...if this is so great....Why do I keep reaching for my mouse to go to the next track?  It's like that friend in high school who is a physics genius but instead decides to just work at Burger King.  It's frustrating because I had higher expectations.  

Also WTF, Flying Lotus?  "Until The Quiet Comes" is not available on Spotify. 


Hey man, it's not like your Coldplay or The Black Keys (who also have withheld their albums from Spotify probably for a good reason)'re a turntable-ist who only sells 10,000 records anyway so why not let people HEAR IT!  Oh wait...then if they did more people might not care.

Anyway I bought the album.   But don't worry...Flying Lotus gives you 18 tracks of "non specialness" so you can't complain. 
Or can you?  I will.  Right now.  

On a positive side the only song worth talking about that is not just highly annoying is "Phantasm" featuring Laura Darlington.  

"Tiny Tortures" and "Until The Colours Come" is also quite nice (but at only 1 minute's not enough time to sonically jerk off to).


Tell us what you think on this album...and me.  Please...I need some hate mail. 

Is Flying Lotus now just another knob wanna be on Warp Records?

Which famous rapper hire him for their next project?  

What is your favorite intoxicant to pair with Flying Lotus?